Syringe Pumps and Infusion Pumps

Syringe and Infusion Pumps


    ☑ Flow clamp prevents “free flow” when the pump door is opened
    ☑ Air detector minimizes the risk of air infusion
    ☑ Data Lock Function to block unauthorized adjustments
    ☑ Visual and acoustic alarms
    ☑ We provide variable price

    ☑ Infusion rates from 0.1 to 99.9 ml/h
    ☑ Stackable, with a built-in locking mechanism
    ☑ Battery operable for more than 3 days
    ☑ Automatic recognition of syringe size/fixation
    ☑ Automatic bolus reduction after pressure alarm
    ☑ Display locks function to block unauthorized adjustments.
    ☑ Spectrum Dose rate mode, Piggyback mode and standby function
    ☑ Automatic calculation of the volume over time (delivery rate in ml/h)
    ☑ Important parameters are displayed at one time by large display
    ☑ Easy adjustments user interface, Visual and acoustic alarms
    ☑ Compatible with the B. Braun fm system
    ☑ It is made from PVC and is Compatible with IV administration sets

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☑ Direct input of data and automatic calculation of the delivery rates
☑ Large display to provide the most important parameters at one glance
☑ Piggyback mode and Standby function
☑ Syringe Clamps: hold syringes in place during operation
☑ Release Nut: allows manual positioning of syringe pusher block
Syringe Pumps are used to transfer desired amounts of fluid at specific time intervals. Two main types of products are: infusion pumps and withdrawal pumps. Infusion pumps are used to administer comparatively small amounts of fluids at high however, controlled pressures. Withdrawal pumps are used to withdraw fluid samples automatically. They are usually used in medical or pharmaceutical applications. Specifications for both types of syringe pumps include minimum and maximum discharge flow, syringe size, number of pumps per assembly, minimum and maximum step rate, accuracy, reproducible, physical dimensions and weight. We are Syringe Pump authorized dealer in Lucknow. Buy syringe pump and Infusion pump online in Lucknow. Syringe Pump delivers fluids into patient body. We offer affordable syringe pump price in Lucknow. Know syringe pump how to use and other technical help from us for free.
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